Amazon Launchpad is a section where the coolest gadgets in town are featured, I found really innovative and creative things and was amazed by just how interesting some of them were.

So let’s begin!

Smart Notebook

the smart Notebook is a unique writing piece which you just pop into the microwave to erase. Yes, you read it right!

self erasing note book
note book

You can also super easily scan and organize your notes with the corresponding Rocketbook app, combining the satisfaction of old-school handwriting and modern, in-the-cloud tech. Magical.

Compact Espresso Machine

Espresso Machine is always a relief for that perfect cup of coffee, be it at office or home.

the only problem though is its large size, it’s not possible to carry it everywhere you go which leaves you really sad.

but tithe rescue amazon launchpad is giving you a handheld compact espresso machine.

espresso machine

All you need is a bit of hot water and your ground coffee of choice.

Indoor Herb Garden

Herb Garden is zero effort, super simple garden concept that requires minimum to nil skills of gardening!

herb garden

Get yourself this self-watering garden and grow your own veggies from now on. Meant for indoor use, either on the kitchen counter, window or living room. Grow your favourite culinary herbs all year long.

All you have to do is insert the plant capsules, fill the water tank, and plug it in. That’s literally it. The Smart Soil and built-in sensors ensure that your greenery gets the optimal combination of water, oxygen, and nutrients, so you won’t end up with dead, neglected plants and a puddle of guilt.

Anti Fall Babies

these are smart drink wares that resist fall!

anti fall

Their Smartgrip Technology traps a small amount of air in the base, so these babies won’t fall over without a fight, BUT you can still lift them up naturally like normal glasses.

so go on now, pour your favourite Margaritas without a problem!

Bio-luminescent Dinopet

Dinopet is a living, bioluminescent companion that photosynthesizes during the day and emits a bright blue glow at night.


Your room/life needs a glowing dinosaur made up of microscopic Dinoflagellates. End of story.

stay tuned for more amazing gadgets that may change the way we know technology at DW Tricks