3 Best Antivirus For Android To Protect Your Smartphone


3 Best free Antivirus to protect your Android smartphone

Best Antivirus For Android

Android is struggling, version after version, to become an operating system as secure as it can be, all with the aim of avoiding annoying users and protect their data from malicious attacks. One type of application that can help protect us is antivirus, of which there is a large amount on Google Play. Here what you need a best free antivirus for your android smartphone Best Antivirus For Android 

The best mobile antivirus apps .Obviously, there is no better anti-virus than common sense , but sometimes you want to have these types of apps not only for their ability to protect against malware, but because it has some extra function that helps make your device more secure.

In modern technology, buying a best and under budget smartphone is not enough so here is a list of 3 of the best free antivirus for Android smartphone, antivirus that will keep your mobile phone a bit more protected.

#1  Avast!

avast Best Antivirus For Android

It is possible that more than one has or has had Avast! , But not conforming to the PC sector, have moved to the mobile, where they also take a few years. An increasingly solid operating system despite being the most attacked has greatly diminished the popularity of this kind of antivirus, so they have had to add different functions.

In the case of Avast! Has an anti-theft that allows to block the device, as well as take photos and capture sound of the thief. It also has an application blocker that, when configured, asks you for a PIN code to access it, perfect to prevent anyone from entering your private applications without your permission.

Free Best Antivirus For Android 

#2  AVG Antivirus

avg Best Antivirus For Android

Here we have another old known computer antivirus that has come to Android to offer its protection to our beloved phones. Like all applications in this list, AVG also brings some additional features that will make our smartphone more protected in case it falls into the wrong hands.

AVG Antivirus Free is able to block applications using a PIN code so that nobody apart from you opens them without your permission. Another function is to locate your device with the help of Google Maps or hide private photos in an encrypted store so that nobody can gossip without you know it. It can also help you protect your Wi-Fi network by scanning it for weak encryption problems or passwords so that no one is clogged.

AVG Best Antivirus For Android

#3  Kaspersky Antivirus & Security

kaspersky Best Antivirus For Android

Again we find a famous antivirus in the world of computers, this time to protect our phone from malicious attack and prevent thieves from accessing our data. As usual in this type of apps, one of its additional functions is the location of our device if at some point we do not know where it is.

Other additional functions that we can find in Kaspersky is the blocking of unwanted calls and SMS or suspicious links to avoid phishing. What differentiates this app from its partners is that you can control it with Android Wear to find, for example, your phone or to search for malware.

Kaspersky Best Antivirus For Android 

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So, this is all about best antivirus for Android, according to my point of view for protecting our Android. If you know some other best antivirus for Android or have any doubt or need help just comment it below. Share this post with your friends too!