Generate Aircel UPC Code Online for Easy Port Out (ekyc.aircel)


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Aircel company is significant Internet Service Provider or ISP for short in India. The support was excellent, and the network prevailed even in small villages and towns. But nowadays, the news is circulating over the internet that in some northern and eastern parts of the country, the Aircel network is not catching up. Many people want to port out of the system now but they couldn’t because of no network problem. So if you are experiencing the same problem and wants to Port, then the post is for you.

For those who don’t know what porting is, porting is a method to transfer your existing number from one network (ISP) to another network (ISP). The process is done with the help of a UPC Code and if you have this code then porting is not possible.

The method to get UPC we used here is straightforward and there is no need to freak out. The technique is legit, and Aircel owned. Since people are feeling so insecure about the network, this method will work correctly.

How to Generate Aircel UPC Code Online

1. Visit This Aircel UPC Generation Page:

NOTE: If you are getting an error loading the page or the page don’t load up then try reloading it. The page handles a significant amount of load so it might take some time.

2. The page will open like one shown below.


3. The page will show you two options:

         I. Customer Mobile Number

        II. SIM number (last five digits)

4. Fill out the short form. Enter your Aircel mobile number and your SIM number which is not usually your mobile number.

NOTE: If you don’t know how to view your SIM number, please click here.

5. Click on Generate UPC button.

6. Depending upon the traffic, you will get the UPC code from Aircel Company.

NOTE: If getting any error, please try again till it works.

Method 2: Generate Aircel UPC Code Online

This method is somewhat not legit and not so secured. Because this method is not directly from Aircel. It is advised to first try above given methods. If that fails then use this one. This method is also straightforward and easy. Follow the below-given link if above method fails. Also, this method/link is faster than the first one as not many people use this trick.

1. Go to the link:

2. You will get a page something like shown below.


3. It will ask you three things:

         I. Aircel Phone Number

        II. SIM Number (Last five digits)

       III. Region/Circle of the number

4. Give all the details. Fill your Phone number, last five digits of SIM number and the area or circle of the number.

NOTE: If you don’t know how to view your SIM number, please click here.

5. Hit Generate UPC, and you will get UPC Code instantly. The server is fast here.

6. Enjoy 🙂


How to Find Sim Number

Both the above methods will ask you for your SIM number which is not your phone number as it is primarily relevant. So If you don’t know how to get SIM number out of your SIM, then please go through the following steps.

1. Download this SIM Info app directly from Google Play Store or search for its app on Google. (May need to allow unknown sources apk installs for using this)

2. Download and install the app.

3. Open the SIM info app.

4. You will see SIM card Serial Number.

5. Just jot down last five digits of that number anywhere.

6. Put the previous five figures in the above links.

So, we hope this would have solved your network problem. If you are not getting access to UPC Code directly by the company, then this will surely help you. We hope you got what you are looking for because to serve you with almost every trick is our responsibility. Comment back if the skills don’t work or if any of the links fail to open because you are great.