Get free unlimited recharge using Grappr App


Get free unlimited recharge using Grappr App

Earn free recharge with Grappr which is a one stop solution for your mobile recharge worries. It makes easier for you to earn free talktime by completing certain tasks like app download or simply referring app to your friends.“Grapper” is a new entry in the category of android apps that provides Free Mobile Recharge. This app has unique concept among all apps.


This app has 5 levels of Referral. You can earn awesome amount of Recharge using this app.

Steps To Get free unlimited recharge using Grappr App

  • Download Grappr from Here.
  • After downloading open the app.
  • It will ask you your mobile no. put your mobile no.
  • After that you have to wait for the OTP.
  • Now you can download the apps and earn free talk-time.(Minimum recharge = Rs.10)
  • Well in this app you will not get your referral code directly. You need to complete a small task to get it.
  • Download any app from Grappr dashbaord. Once the app is downloaded, you will get your referral code by clicking on referral option from top left.
  • Share this referral code with your friends and start earning money !!download

Actually this app rewards depending upon a user’s level. More friends you refer, your level increases and amount of money you get per referral increases

Referral Level Details:-

  • Level 1- Install one App
  • Level 2- You will get Rs.5 per Referral
  • Level 3- (Refer 5 friends to unlock) – You will get Rs.3 for your friends Referral.
  • Level 4- (Refer 7 friends to unlock) – You will get 10% of earnings of your friends.
  • Level 5- (Refer 12 friends to unlock) -Your earnings will be multiplied by 1.5


Tricks To get unlimited recharge :

  • Go to the refer link.
  • Copy your refer code .
  • Delete the app
  • And install from Your refer link.
  • Put new mobile no and your refer code to get referral amount.
  • Every Sharing Will be counted and will take you to the Next levels till 5th Level you will become all set to earn automatically by doing nothing.