How to Hack Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/G-Mail for noobs


How to Hack Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/G-Mail

Hello guys. Welcome to dwtricks. We are back with a new post which will guide you people how to hack Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G-mail, Yahoo mail, Minecraft, Zynga and many other accounts just in minutes. The steps are really simple and can be performed by anyone whether you are a noob or a expert. Note that we are not encouraging or supporting any kind of illegal hacking. Hacking is a cyber-crime and is prohibited. So, the method is phishing. Trick is old but works seamlessly.

Just follow the steps given below:

1- Open up Zshadow. The website is mainly built to hack facebook accounts but now it supports many social platform hacks.

2- The website will load up saying sign up. Click on the button and sign up giving your details. Its not a very big form.

sign up

3- After you have signed up, it will automatically redirect you to all the phishing pages. The website have many social platforms. See in the image. After each platform name, the language is written. Hover over the language name of any social platform which you want the phishing page must be open. Hover over English (works every time).

Social Networking Platform Supported

4- Now when you hover and click, it will show up a link. Just select the link and copy it. Now you just need to send this link to the friend whom account you want to hack.

Copy link

5- As soon as the person/victim gets the link and clicks on it, the website will redirect him to the phishing page. The page will seem legit and he will enter his account details. As soon as he enter details and submit, the details will come to you in the “MY VICTIMS” tab of zshadow website.

My Victims

Okay! That was pretty simple huh! This is a short trick to hack into someone’s account. We will be writing more such posts. Comment below if having some problem and tell how much you liked the post. Author’s facebook: Click here

Final Note :

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