How to Access Blocked Websites on Android Phone


Blocked Facebook , Twitter and also games like Clash of Clans and other online games on college internet is really frustrating. In my college, most of the websites are blocked and also in my hostel there is no cellular network through which I can access the internet, so I searched for, and found an app which can help you unblock everything

Access Blocked Websites

How to Access Blocked Websites on Android Phone

Hola is a free service that functions as a web accelerator that compresses data, but it also has an “Unblocker” feature that automatically unblocks region-blocked services. Using Hola Unblocker is easy and free. It functions similarly to a VPN, but only works with certain services. However, it’s free and easy to set up – unlike the VPNs below. there’s no sign-in or account required.

Hola works without root on Android 4.0 and newer versions. Hola works on Android 2.3 and older versions of Android, too – but only if your device is rooted

How to Access Blocked Websites on Android Devices

  • Install the HOLA Free VPN app on your Android device Download HOLA Free VPN
  • Open the app and tap on My apps.
  • Now tap on any of the Web browser apps listed in it. For this guide, i am going to tap on Chrome.Access Blocked Websites hola
  • Tap on Using from United States ( or anything similar that appears )Access Blocked Websites hola
  • Select a VPN from another country . Within a few seconds the default VPN will be changed.Access Blocked Websites hola
  • Tap on the Open button to open the App and now you can access blocked websites with


How do you access region-blocked media services from your Android device? Leave a comment and share your favorite method!

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