How to use NMD VPN Software for free internet

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In This post, I am going to write a tutorial about NMD VPN because it is an important software to use network tricks. Before starting with any network tricks, you should have a knowledge about NMD VPN and its usage.
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 How to use NMD VPN Software for free internet

There are lots of ways to gain free internet on different network providers but when it comes to get free internet on pc NMD VPS is the best way among all. You can access all the website without any blocking, it supports all tcp/udp ports.

First we start with “What is NMD VPN??”

  • NMD VPN is the Open VPN Software program which can be utilised or operated for creating or making the Secured Virtual Private Network.
  • However now-a-days it is most widely used for free internet tricks. All network operator trick can be used by NMD VPN Configuration.

Features of NMD VPN Software:

  1. Freeware: zero cost for downloading and using it.
  2. Supports: All TCP and UDP port
  3. Requests: Supports all HTTP and HTTPS requests.

Download NMD VPN Software

Steps to install NMD VPN Software

  • Right click on NMD VPN software and click on “Run it as an Administrator”
Windows XP – Direct install software without any Administrator Privileges.
Windows 7 , 8, 10 – You are required to “Run as an Administrator”
  • Now follow the below snapshots to install the NMD VPN software.
  • Click “Next
  • Click “I Agree
  • Click “Install
  • Click “Next
  • Click “Finish
  • Now NMD VPN Software is installed in your computer. Config folder is been created in the program files.
Windows XP 7 & 8 (32 bit): C:Program Files (x86)NMDVPNconfig
Windows 7 & 8 (64 bit): C:Program FilesNMD VPNconfig

How to use NMD VPN Software for Free Internet on PC:

  • First of all you are required to connect your data card or modem or mobile with the repective settings i.e. APN of the specified network ar low balance
  • Now run NMD VPN software (Remember: Always Run nmd vpn as an Administrator otherwise you will get an error in connecting)
  • Find NMD VPN icon on your taskbar right menu.
  • Right click on that NMD VPN Menu – select VPN server – connect it by left click
  • Before starting with this steps, you are required to put your config file to the NMD VPN config folder.
  • I have written the path of config folder above. Go there and put the config files in it.
  • Now if your config is working then in a few seconds you will be connected to it.
Now you are done with it, enjoy the free internet on your pc without any paying. No further configuration now.

Notifications: NMD VPN Colors

  • RED: NMD VPN is disconnected
  • Yellow: In the process of connecting
  • Green: NMD VPN is connected

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