Top 5 Places To Buy Bitcoin In India !!


Top 5 Places To Buy Bitcoin In India !!

This cryptocurrency has grown tremendously in past 6 months and you know, now 1 BTC is worth 5000 USD! (you may think that bitcoin is so costly now so it is not worth to invest into it). Now you must be thinking that the game is over, But wait! the game is not yet over and will never be !

Many people in India are not aware about bitcoin buying procedure so I thought of creating this post, hope you will like it.

What is a Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which can’t be sensed physically. That means you can’t touch it like a 100 Rs note. Just imagine it like a E-wallet balance.

note : You know, value of 100 Rs note is just 100,  it will not change with time. However, bitcoin is totally different. Just like a stock market, Bitcoin value fluctuates every day.

well the logic will be clear if you understand the demand and supply logic. Let me explain this with a simple example, whenever a new gadget is launched, its overpriced because of its high demand but subsequently its price decreases because of decreasing demand.

now that you know about bitcoins lets begin to look for places ti buy it

Bit Coin
Bit Coin

Zebb Pay Android App

I have personally bought bitcoins using zebpay’s android app and I must mention that the process was super easy and anyone who is not so tech-savvy can easily buy & sell BTC’s from zebpay

You can only make use of NEFT/IMPS or net banking to deposit money in wallet. UPI and credit/debit card feature is currently not available on ZebPay. Whatever money you deposit, is first stored into zebpay’s wallet. Then you can choose how much amount to trade for bitcoins

Unocoin App

i am not a big fan of unocin though, reason being huge pricing difference when compared with Zebpay. There is an average difference of upto 10% but it has good variety in payment gateways.

Bit coin


it is available in both website and app version, you just need to do a KYC post which you can buy and sell bitcoins.


The very reputed platform to buy bitcoins is this website. It lets you buy/sell bitcoins and is available in almost every country. The support platform is not very good but still the company have strong suits on your privacy and easy features.

A very similar service to Coinmama, it is used to buy/sell bitcoins by millions of users and the website is really trustworthy. The support system is good and it have fairly easy environment to surf and proceed within the website.

in India, you cannot buy or sell bitcoins without id verification, one of the most common being kyc