Top 7 ways to unlock android lock screen in 2 min


Top 7 ways to unlock Android lock screen

Hello there guys! Mobile phones have such a immense importance in our lives nowadays. You people have a smartphone , we have a smartphone and all of our life is dependent on a small device. Android is a very much popular Operating System used nowadays. Now to keep your privacy locked, you need a pass-code or a password on these smartphones. Now, ever stuck on any lock screen? Or forgot your so ‘beloved pattern’ after setting it up? Or just want to be a ‘hacker’ and learn some hacks? Then this post is surely for you.. Top 7 ways to unlock any Android lock screen lock in 2 min. Continue to read on.

1. GOOGLE ANDROID DEVICE MANAGER: Use this online tool if you have forgotten your pattern or password or your device has been stolen. It keeps track of the device real-time location and it can also delete all data on the device by just one click. If you have credentials for the g-mail id you used on the lost device then use those to access ADM and reset the password directly.

7 ways to unlock android

 2. SAMSUNG LOCK MY SCREEN: This feature is only for Samsung users. If Samsung users have there Samsung account and have lost their device or just forgot the pattern/password then use this online service. It is same as Google’s ADM.

7 ways to unlock android
Lock My Screen

3. FORGOT MY PASSWORD: If you just forgot your pattern and don’t wanna use any online service then just keep using wrong password until it shows up “Forgot Password” button. Then hit the button and login with your google id. If the device is Samsung built then the device will ask for a security pin you set earlier. NOTE: Some devices do not have this button enabled.

7 ways to unlock android
Forgot Password Options

4. RECOVERY MODE: If you are not worried about the data on the phone then you can use this method. Just shut down the device and boot it in recovery mode. Every device have different method of booting in recovery mode (use Google to find yours) Most common method is press volume up + power button together and for Samsung press the big home button + power button to boot the device in recovery mode.

7 ways to unlock android
Recovery Mode

5. ADB TOOLS: You can use this method but it needs a PC to be performed. Just download ADB Tools on your PC and connect your device while in shut down mode to the PC. Then open ADB tools in the PC and long press power button of the phone. The device will show up in the PC and then you can perform various actions on it using ADB tools.

7 ways to unlock android
ADB Tools

6. SAFE MODE: If you have any third party locker app like CM locker or something like that then use this method. Opening the device in safe mode bypasses all third party apps and boot the phone in a speedy and efficient way. It will also bypass any third party locker if present.

7 ways to unlock android
Safe Mode


7. CRASH SYSTEM UI: The lower android versions comes with a bug. If you have any android phone below android lollipop v5.0 then you can try this method. The method is while on the lock screen, type 5-10 asterisks and then copy those 10 and press enter. It will show invalid password. then paste those copied asterisks two-three times and copy all of those asterisks. Now again press enter. Keep increasing the copied no of asterisks till the lock screen crashes.

7 ways to unlock android
Crash UI

So these were the 7 ways you can use to bypass or unlock android lock screen of any android device. Waiting for your comments.. Hope you liked the post and we will be writing more such things for you, so stay tuned.