Which roku should I buy?


So once you have decided to invest in a roku streaming box, the next step is to decide which version of it you need to own. There are series of local product floating in the market. All of them have different features, price and specification which make it quite confusing to put your finger at any one of them. So here are some of the main points that you need to keep in mind while buying the roku streaming box.

The roku streaming stick is priced at just $40. It is a small stick that gets plugged in HDMI port to let you control the online streaming experience. Also you can install the roku private channpels to get more control on the stick anhed enjoy t TV shows, Movies and other things as well. It gets connected to a remote control which is available only when you have a nice Wi-Fi connection. So if you have an updated television set, there is no need for you to go for any other version of roku device. The price and specification makes roku streaming stick a must have.


However, the only disadvantage with the roku streaming stick is its slower workability. It particularly works on WiFi and doesn’t support Ethernet. Also, it doesn’t have microSD and USB slots for allowing you to watch local video files. The ones who have a tight budget unlimited space must go for this particular device from roku to meet the needs.

Roku 4 – $129.99

The premium product by roku was released on 2015. Although it is still not available in the market, yet the features make it so much exaggerated. Perhaps this is one of the best team in box by roku even today. It kicks the biggest Rivals such as Amazon fire and Apple TV in the dust. One of the bestselling points of roku 4 is the support for 4K Ultra HD. Buying roku 4 is currently a waste of money because none of the television models available in the market are full HD.

However soon this would be the leading device as It Brags about the coolest features that are scarcely available in the normal streaming boxes.

Roku streaming stick+

The next version of roku streaming stick is roku streaming stick plus. If you have 4k TV, the roku streaming stick Plus is the final option for you. It comes with 4K Ultra and HDR compatibility. The better Wireless Range let you get connected with you television set more convenient. The roku streaming stick plus has till date replace all the models launched by the company. With fewer prices, the features it has are unbeatable. The best would be to know the exact configuration of your television set and then decide which kind of roku device you need to buy.

So which one to finalize?

Leaving behind the roku 1, roku 2 and roku 3, 4 versions of streaming box, the best would be to put your finger on roku stick as the best option if you have a television that lacks important features. The easy to configure device gets directly connected with the cable and has voice search feature. It has a powered Quad Core processor and mimo capability that is exceptionally worthwhile.